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The South African Mathematical Society was founded in 1957 and has the advancement of mathematics in South Africa as its main objective. We currently have a membership of more than 300. The society’s main activities include the publication of the journal ”Quaestiones Mathematicae” and the ”Notices of the South African Mathematical Society”, as well as the organization of an Annual Congress. We also represent (with AMESA) the interests of the mathematics community of the country on national and international structures.

The South African Mathematical Society is a national association of mathematicians, conscious of our African and international context as we seek to promote the discipline of mathematics in all its facets – locally, regionally and internationally. The society is committed to high standards of excellence in the learning, teaching and research of the discipline, and strives to explore the applications of mathematics in addressing the needs of the South African society. In particular, the Society aims to

  • stimulate and encourage the pursuance of high quality research at the frontiers of the discipline
  • promote mathematics as a profession, through close and active co-operation with disciplines that utilize the efficacy and power of mathematical techniques and forging closer links with business and Industry;
  • identify, stimulate and nurture students with mathematical ability to realize their full potential, irrespective of their social, economic and cultural background;
  • encourage and provide opportunities to members of all groups, especially groups that are disproportionately under-represented in the various facets of mathematics like black South Africans and women; 
  • encourage the maintenance of sound syllabi, teaching methodologies and examination standards in mathematical education, and the co-operation in these areas with the organizations and professional societies with similar interests;
  • explore the contributions that mathematics can make in addressing societal needs and promoting a strong economy that will contribute to an improved quality of life for all South Africans;
  • promote an appreciation and public understanding of mathematics, its impact and applications in everyday life;
  • establish links and promote co-operation between itself and similar societies in Southern Africa, the rest of the continent and throughout the world.

‡ SAMS fully endorses the IMU statement on best practice in research publication. The full text of this statement may be downloaded from the “Policy” page.

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