Announcing the Pan-African Competition in Science Communication

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the Pan-African STM Cinema Competition in science communication!   

What is it?

PASTMCC is a competition in science communication where entrants submit short explainer videos in science, tech, or math.  Videos should be < 6 min long.

What is the purpose?

To learn some science while promoting talented African researchers and students

What are the prizes?

Multiple 1,000 euro prizes are available.

What is the deadline?

30th October, 2024.

Who is supporting the competition?

This competition is sponsored by Humboldt-Universität, and supported by AIMS South Africa and AIMS Senegal.  

How can I help?

Can you please help us by circulating the attached poster, instructions, and referee form to anyone you think may be interested?

To instructors and university administrators:  could you please circulate these documents in your departmental email lists?  Could you please print and display the poster in a visible location where researchers and students will find it?  We would be sincerely grateful for your help.

With best wishes,