Governance of SAMS

The South African Mathematical Society is governed by a council which is selected from its members by means of an electoral process. There are eight permanent portfolios (described hereafter) which are filled by means of this electoral process. Election to Council is for a period of two years with incumbent members eligible for re-election to Council in the same portfolio for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The eight elected members may co-opt onto Council a maximum of three extra Council members to serve in portfolios such as may be determined by Council. Once a new president has been elected, the immediate past President shall also serve on council for a period of one year.
Elected members
The following colleagues were elected to the respective portfolios mentioned hereafter at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Society (SAMS 2023 Congress).
  • President: Zurab Janelidze. The President shall provide leadership to the Society, and fulfil management functions. They are the Chair of Council, and oversees all portfolios on Council. They chair the Annual General Meeting. They shall, through the Society espouse and promote the cause of mathematics in South Africa.
  • Vice-president: Seithuthi Moshokoa (interim). The Vice-President shall be Acting President when the President is unable to fulfil their duties. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the awards of the Society. The Vice-President also organises the nominations for and the award of the SAMS Bronze Medal for outstanding Honours students in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at South African universities. The Vice-President also acts as the Information Officer for the Society.
  • General Secretary: Christian Budde. The General Secretary shall take responsibility for the administrative function of the SAMS. They promote communication between members of the Council and between the Council and the members of the SAMS. The General Secretary makes the arrangements for Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting, and writes the minutes of these meetings. They answer inquiries by members, students and other organisations. The correspondence of the SAMS as well as the filing of documents relating to the SAMS (including archival matters) goes through the office of the General Secretary. They shall administer the nomination process whenever there is a vacancy on Council.
  • Financial Manager: Wen-Chi Kuo. The Financial Manager shall have responsibility for the overall Management of the finances of the Society. They are expected to exercise leadership in this regard, beyond a bookkeeping role. The Financial Manager, the Vice-President, and the President, shall be three of the authorised signatories on the bank account of the SAMS. They are responsible for drawing up the annual budget of the SAMS, presenting it to Council and the AGM, and monitoring adherence to it. If the need arises, the Financial Manager may recommend to the Executive Committee of Council that emergency changes be made to the budget. Membership applications shall in the first instance come to the Financial Manager, who is empowered to grant it (only referring exceptional cases to Council). The Financial Manager is responsible for sending out membership renewal notices; for maintaining a database of paid-up members; for keeping accurate records of all the financial affairs of the Society, and for arranging an annual financial audit. The Financial Manager shall be empowered to form, with the Agreement of other members of the Executive, a Financial Management Team to assist them.
  • Scientific Activities: Karin-Therese Howell. The Council member for Scientific Activities shall take responsibility inter alia for SAMS visitors, SAMS Conferences and Workshops, and SAMS publications. They are not expected to be the actual organiser in all of these activities, but if not should be actively involved at least to the extent of representing Council in these matters. Where there is no standing structure for a particular scientific activity within the SAMS the portfolio holder is expected to take the lead. They should keep records of all matters relating to the above and serve as Council’s memory on these matters.
  • Development and Public Relations: Francois Schulz. The Council member is responsible for electronic communication with members, including the SAMS e-newsletter and the SAMS website. They are also responsible for making an annual effort to recruit new members to join SAMS.
  • Liaison: Loyiso Nongxa. The Council member is responsible for liaising with such other organizations (mathematical or otherwise) as SAMS deems appropriate – internationally, within Africa and Southern Africa, and within South Africa. They will take responsibility for reciprocity agreements with other organisations. They would also be responsible for any fundraising carried out by SAMS. They shall be the main representative of SAMS on the South African National Committee for the IMU.
  • Education: Belinda Huntley (interim). The Council member for Education shall represent the SAMS on Government bodies dealing with Mathematics Education. They shall be active in such aspects of Mathematics Education as are of interest to the SAMS. They shall oversee SAMS involvement in regional, national and international Mathematics Olympiads. They shall, in conjunction with the Council member for Scientific Activities, take a leading role in ensuring the representation of Mathematics Education at the annual Congress. They shall, in conjunction with the Council Member for Liaison, work with other international and Southern African societies involved in Mathematics Education.

Co-opted members
The following colleagues were co-opted onto council to serve on the portfolios mentioned below.

  • QM matters: Sanne Ter Horst. This member shall report to council  regarding the publication and management of Quaestiones Mathematicae – the flagship journal of the society.
  • Notices of the SAMS: Boitumelo Moletsane. This member shall report to council  regarding the publication and management of the Notices of the South African Mathematical Society – the means through which council communicates with members of SAMS.