Joining SAMS

In order to apply to join the Society, you need to download the membership application and POPIA consent forms, print and complete both. Next pay the membership fee for the membership category for which you are applying, and post, fax or email the completed form, together with a proof of payment of the current dues, to the Financial Manager at the address below. (Please note that SAMS is not an accreditation body. If therefore you are considering joining SAMS for the purpose of either professional registration or assistance in obtaining a critical skills visa, please refer to the declaration on the “Policy” page before proceeding any further.)

SAMS Financial Manager
Dr Wen-Chi Kuo
(Financial Manager of the S.A.
Mathematical Society)
School of Mathematics
University of the Witwatersrand
Private Bag 3, Wits, 2050, Johannesburg, South Africa

email: SAMS Financial Manager

The Membership Application section should be completed together with the POPIA consent section. The form can be downloaded here:

Applicants must be sponsored by two current members and shall declare that they support the objectives of the Society. There are four categories of membership namely full, special, honorary and institutional. 

  • Full membership is open to any person who holds a tertiary qualification, usually a bachelor’s degree, in a mathematical discipline. 
  • Special membership is open to persons who qualify for full membership and either are members of another society with which the Society has a reciprocity agreement, or whose income is substantially lower than that of an average full member. Applications for special membership must be renewed annually. Criteria for the granting of special membership are determined from time to time by Council, and may include (but are not limited to) being a full-time registered student and being retired from full- time employment.  
  • Institutional membership is open to all institutions with an interest in Mathematics. Such institution shall be regarded as a single member, and may vote or nominate persons to Council as a single member. 
  • Honorary membership is conferred by Council on an annual basis to persons who perform a special service to the Society.